5 Ways to Get More People to Come to your Open House

Wed Jun 12 2019

Picture this: you get a great deal on a property, put tons of time and money into renovating it, and then you schedule an open house. Except… no one shows up. Doesn’t sound too fun, does it? Save yourself from pacing around an empty home by following these 5 strategies:

Schedule Smart 

It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised just how often open houses are scheduled during times that most people are unavailable. Middle of the day on a Wednesday? Most potential buyers are at work. Early Sunday morning? A lot of people will be at church or sleeping in. So how can you schedule smart? In general, try for Saturday or Sunday afternoons, but make sure to check local calendars and sports schedules, too. You don’t want your potential buyers to be watching the big game or at a local festival instead of house hunting.

Invite your friends and neighbors

Inviting friends, family, or neighbors to your open house is an easy way to guarantee more guests. If nothing else, loyal friends and family come to support you, and curious neighbors will show up to see what’s going on in their neighborhood. More ideally, at least one person you invite will know someone who’s actually looking for a house and invite them.  Either way, you’ll have more people in attendance, which will make the home seem more attractive to people walking through.

Put out signs

It’s a tactic that’s been around for years, but putting signs throughout the neighborhood the morning of an open house is still as effective as ever. Just like putting out signs for a yard sale, this old school trick ensures that you’ll get at least a handful of people dropping by to take a look. Plus it’s pretty easy – all you have to do is put an address and time on a few posters and you’re set!

Advertise on social media

Once you have a time and date set, you should definitely start posting about your open house on social media. Be sure to include high quality, attractive photos and some basic info about the house on all platforms – hopefully, you’ll reach a fair amount of people that will be interested or know someone who would be. Just make sure your description doesn’t sound too salesy and that you aren’t spamming your followers with posts multiple times a day.

Offer food and beverages

It’s no secret that almost all humans love two things: free stuff and food. Offering some complimentary snacks and beverages at your open house might be enough to convince someone who was previously on the fence to show up. It will also give off the impression that you put time and effort into the open house, which in turn shows that time and effort has been put into the home itself. Plus you don’t have to go all out – cookies and lemonade are tasty while also being relatively low effort and inexpensive.

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