Habitat for Humanity: Isiah and Matilda Davis

Wed Jun 12 2019

Isiah and Matilda Davis have lived in their home in Houston’s Fifth Ward for many years and even raised all 8 of their children there. Mr. Davis used to enjoy working on his home, but due to his pending Alzheimer diagnosis, he would often start projects and then be unable to finish them. Mrs. Davis is now her husband’s full-time caregiver, even though she suffers medical problems of her own. Some of Mrs. Davis’s fondest memories are of cooking Sunday dinners for their large family in her once functional kitchen. The kitchen’s floor is now so sloped that Mrs. Davis cannot even cook without pots and pans sliding off the stove. Having their home updated is especially important to the Davis family due to Mr. Davis’s health conditions. As his Alzheimer’s progresses, he will need to be in familiar surroundings, close to his support system, and in the home he’s built his life in. Real Estate Elevated and Houston Habitat for Humanity will collaborate to fix the foundation issues and provide new beams and concrete blocks. Once the repairs are done and the house is updated, the Davis family will be able to enjoy their Sunday dinners once again

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