Habitat for Humanity: Olivia Davis-Benjamin

Wed Jun 12 2019

4706 Farmer Street, Houston, Texas Olivia Davis-Benjamin has lived in her home in the Fifth Ward of Houston since the 1970’s. Having lived in this neighborhood since she was two-years old, she raised her five children here and could not imagine living elsewhere. Now a retired widow, she is blind and lives on a fixed income. Though she loves her home and says many of her fondest memories are here, the house also causes her a great deal of stress and fear.

When she moves throughout the home, she can feel weakness and sloping in the floors as she walks. She fears that one day, the floors will give way and cause her to fall and injure herself. Because Mrs. Davis-Benjamin lives on so little, she cannot afford the necessary upgrades on her own to make her home safe again. Real Estate Elevated is working with the local Houston Habitat for Humanity to fix the foundation and flooring so that Mrs. Davis-Benjamin can continue to safely move throughout the home that she loves so much. The exterior will also be painted to give the home a much-needed face-lift. We are positive the end result will be a beautiful home that Mrs. Davis-Benjamin and her family can safely enjoy for years to come.

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