How Yoga Made Me a Better House Flipper

Wed Jun 12 2019

It’s no secret that I love yoga. When I’m not designing our latest flip houses or doing stuff with my kids, I find at least a little bit of time every day to practice yoga.

When I first started doing yoga, I had no idea that it might help me make money in real estate. I just wanted a way to stay in shape, even when I was pregnant, and I liked that yoga was a good way to relax and recenter myself, too. Over the past few years, though, I’ve noticed that practicing yoga has made me a much better house flipper. Here are just a few reasons you might want to work some yoga time into your real estate investing business.

Staying Calm under Pressure

When we first started flipping houses, I felt like I was always worried and stressed about our projects. Had we spent too much? Was our contractor going to surprise us with even more expensive rehabs that needed to be done? Would we be able to sell quickly and move on to the next flip?

Through yoga, I’ve learned to breathe through these worries and stay calm. Whether I’m in a bidding war over a property, talking to a contractor about what needs to be done on a flip house, or waiting to hear back from buyers, I have more presence of mind and a calmer demeanor. This helps me keep my head and avoid overbidding, and it helps me focus on what can be done to make a flip house more profitable, even when we have more rehab expenses than we’d anticipated.

Learning Better Flexibility

Everyone knows that yoga is all about flexibility and stability, but it doesn’t just teach you how to touch your toes—it also teaches you how to be more mentally flexible. In the past, when I got some really bad news about a property we were working on, I would focus more on the negative than the positive. Then I’d be stressed out and wouldn’t know what to do next.

In the house flipping business, you are going to encounter challenges. They’re part of the risk that comes with any investment, but they don’t have to take over your life. If you look at these challenges as opportunities, you can start to see different ways around them. If the house needs to be rewired, you might not be able to afford hardwood flooring throughout, but you can find some laminate flooring that will be absolutely gorgeous when you’re done.

Identifying and Working With Resistance

Finally, as you get more flexible and you start to move into more difficult yoga positions, you’ll feel resistance in your body. You’ll then learn to identify where that resistance is coming from, and you’ll work with it and around it. Before you know it, you’re in a position that was impossible just a month ago.

So what does that have to do with house flipping? When we talk to motivated sellers about buying their homes or when it’s time to sell one of our flip houses, we will often run into some resistance. Sellers need or want to get a certain amount out of the house so they can move on. Buyers have concerns about properties and their market values. Either way, if you can look at the source of the resistance, you can usually find a solution that works for both you and the buyer or seller.

You don’t necessarily have to start practicing yoga to become a better real estate investor, but if you can embrace these practices and become a bit more mentally flexible, you might be surprised what you can accomplish!

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