Real Estate Elevated was created to help people obtain the knowledge and assistance they need to get started in real estate investing.

Are Real Estate Elevated’s Events a Scam?

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Success Path Education was created to help people obtain the knowledge and assistance they need to get started in real estate investing.

In today’s economy more and more people realize that they need another source of income. Job loss, forced retirement, debt, or a looming expense like college tuition can precede that realization. As house-flipping shows continue to increase in popularity, so do scams. Viewers are enthusiastically expressing an interest in real estate investing. It seems glamorous, it seems easy, and it seems fast. It seems like anyone can do it with no special training. Scammers are ready to capitalize on that enthusiasm and interest.

It’s true that no special certification is required. No license is necessary. And neither is experience. But that doesn’t mean that it is not a legitimate business. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know what you are doing. It doesn’t mean you don’t need education.

Whether or not you choose to invest in formalized education to learn best practices for the industry, the latest strategies for your market, and how to protect your assets, you will get an education.

Real Estate Elevated offers an introductory event so that people can learn the basics of setting up a real estate investing business. You won’t learn everything there is to know about various strategies in just two hours. But you will learn how to find what you should know.


If you are just starting out, or you are interested in becoming a real estate investor, it is worth it to attend one of our introductory events. Find out the questions that you should ask and the topics you will need to research further on your own.

There is a learning curve. It is possible to shorten that learning curve with education. Seeking education from industry experts with real-world expertise is one way to get an education. People are right to be cautious. Not everyone will deliver what is promised.


Where is the deceit? Events happen when and where they are scheduled to happen. Live customer service agents answer the phone. The Real Estate Elevated website is monitored regularly, updated with testimonials from students, and populated with free timely blog content for newbie investors. Our students often form real relationships with their coaches. There are several ways to get in touch and stay in touch with Real Estate Elevated in addition to the website and blog. You will always know what Real Estate Elevated is up to by tuning in to Facebook, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, in addition to free and for-cost live events and workshops around the country.


The complaint we hear most often in forums is not that the program doesn’t work. It is that the reference materials, strategies, and industry knowledge should be free. Often people say they can learn everything they need to know from tips in forums.

Tips in forums are great for learning where to find a good burrito.

When money, credit rating, and professional reputation are on the line some people prefer to work with proven strategies from subject-matter experts.

You can spend hours reading opinions from strangers in forums. But that is what you will have: opinions. Oftentimes there can be up to twenty responses to a simple question about landscaping! Each response can be different. To read, synthesize, and evaluate posts on far more complex topics to find out which makes sense to you takes time.

There are strategies for bidding on houses, there are best practices for renovating, and there are formulas for pricing. Investing is not rocket science. But there are a lot of moving parts. Saving yourself trial and error when it comes to bidding, renovating, and pricing can save you more than just money. Building your team, learning to follow a series of repeatable steps, and “sticking to the numbers” are fundamentals stressed in the Real Estate Elevated program.

Sometimes not doing a deal that you planned to do results in savings that more than covers the cost of your education.


Yes, it is possible to educate yourself. It is also possible to get the education typically provided by a university or on your own — through books, webinars, and forums. However, some people prefer to get the latest information and resources in one place. They also prefer to get the support they need from individuals who are invested in their success. Students have varying levels of experience. Real Estate Elevated is designed to meet students wherever they are on their real estate journey.

Some people need motivation to apply what they have learned. Ultimately, no program, guru, or club can do the investing for you. What Real Estate Elevated can do is make the process as simple as possible. Students still have to apply what they learn. No one can make money if they don’t do any deals.

Real Estate Elevated may not be for everyone. But it does work. It is no scam.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Real Estate Elevated FAQ.

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  1. Hi I was unable to attend your seminar in Toronto (month of February,) will Real Eatate Elevated Event be coming to Toronto again this year???

    I currently gave a deposit to NVREA but have not made my final commitment to proceed.

    I want to know if your academy provide Canadians to work in the USA, and allow private and hard money lenders even though were Canadian.

    Can anyone call me 416-909-4255

    1. Hi Doriana, we’re glad to hear you are interested in real estate investing! Our team visits new locations every week, so keep an eye out on our website to see where we’ll be next. There is a chance we will come back to your area in the future.

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