Learning how to research the housing market and find the best properties to flip will help you become a more successful house flipper.

What is the Best Way to Research the Housing Market in my Area?

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Every successful house flipper knows that they should constantly be on the lookout for new properties to flip. After all, flipping houses is how they make their money! But, even though finding properties may sound pretty straightforward, there’s more to it than just looking for a cheap deal. Christina and I are asked quite often how we look for the …

People don't usually think about high-end house flips when it comes to real estate investing, but there are actually lots of advantages to the properties.

Why You Should Think About High-End House Flips

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When people think of flipping houses, they usually think about foreclosures and short sales. They also have a stereotype in their heads about the kinds of people who get foreclosed on and the kinds of properties they own. As a result, they completely miss an amazing market for flip houses that can really make their real estate investing dreams come …