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How to Flip Houses with No Money Down – Is It Possible?

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I have had many people ask me over the years about the best ways to find funding as a new flipper. People often get into the mindset that you must have a chunk of money saved up to get started, but that’s certainly not the case. It’s actually possible to flip houses with no money down. Be aware that you’re …

It's easy to get carried away with over-rehabbing a property. Follow these tips to help you avoid spending too much money on a flip house.

How to Avoid Over-Rehabbing a Property

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We’ve seen some real adventures in flipping houses over the years. From chickens running around in the yard to black mold in the bathroom and everything in between. One of the properties that really sticks out in my head as one of our biggest mistakes, though, was a house that we went way overboard on. Whenever people ask me what …

You don't need a lot of your own money to flip houses, but you do need to find sources of money who will help you invest in flip houses.

Do You Need A Lot of Money to Flip Houses?

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Real estate funding is a big concern with house flippers. Christina and I are always asked by our Success Path students whether they need a lot of money to start flipping or even how they can find money. After all, most people don’t have $200,000 or more lying around in liquid assets that they can spend on a flip. Since …

A real estate license is not necessary if you only plan to make real estate investing a side hustle, a license is good to have if it's your main income.

3 Tips for Making Money in Real Estate Without a License

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You probably already know that Tarek and I were real estate agents before we started flipping houses. Because we already had our real estate licenses, we had a head start on a lot of house flippers. Since we already know the business, we can act as our own realtors on all of our flips, which saves us money and increases …