Use Confident Body Language to Generate Business

Wed Jun 12 2019

Self-confidence is a key indicator of happiness and success in all areas of life, including business. When you like yourself and are sure of what you have to offer the world, other people will be more likely to feel confident in your abilities, too.

Confidence attracts people, even though they may not be able to put their finger on why they’re drawn to being around you. All real estate investors can capitalize on this important quality to build their business. By exuding confidence, you’ll be able to bring in customers and make sales with greater ease.

But even if you feel self-confident, are you expressing that confidence in your body language? Body language is just as important as the words you use to communicate with potential clients. Keep reading to learn how to show self-confidence at work through your body language.

1. Improve Your Posture

A slumped, slouching posture is a big turnoff to potential home buyers, even if it’s something subconscious. Bad posture can also be a mark of unprofessionalism and translate to other bad habits in life. Make sure you’re showing you take the job seriously and can be trusted by standing tall. Put your shoulders back and keep your head up — even when you’re not directly engaging in a conversation.

2. Take Up Space

Known as the “power pose,” taking up physical space is a great way to show how confident you are in your abilities as a real estate investor. Clients will be drawn to your confidence when you widen your stance, use good posture, and avoid hiding behind others. Don’t be afraid to stand in the middle of a room or in front of a crowd. If you’re a wallflower or choose to sit in a corner, you’ll be much harder to approach.

3. Don’t Fidget

Most people are totally unaware of their little nervous habits, so ask a close family member or friend if you have any. Whether it’s a little twitch or the way you always comb your hand through your hair, you’ll want to avoid these fidgets when dealing with clients. They can be read as a sign of unsurety and make your clients perceive you as untrustworthy.

4. Use Hand Motions to Your Advantage

While you don’t want to fidget, you can use your hands to your advantage when you’re speaking. Selectively choose hand motions that help to emphasize your point. Don’t go overboard or dramatize the motions too much, but a quick wave of the hand every now and then can help to show you’re confident in what you’re saying.

5. Maintain Balanced Eye Contact

Too much eye contact can be just plain weird, but it’s important to look your clients in the eye frequently to show you’re truly engaged in the conversation. One tip is to look into someone’s eyes long enough to learn their eye color when you first meet them. You can look away after that, but continue to make eye contact for brief spurts throughout the conversation. If it really makes you squirm to look directly into their eyes, you can try staring at the tip of their nose — they’ll never know you aren’t really looking them in the eye.

6. Smile

Smiling is the easiest, quickest way to come off as likable and confident. When you’re happy, your clients will believe you can make them happy too. Smile when you’re talking, smile when you’re listening, and even smile when you’re sitting alone at a house showing. Don’t take it overboard, of course, but a subtle turning of the corners of your mouth can really make an impact for good.

Learn More from Real Estate Elevated

By incorporating these six tips, you’re sure to come off as a confident, capable real estate investor who people will want to work with. If you’re looking for more ways to improve your real estate investment business, Real Estate Elevated can help. Sign up for a free course at Real Estate Elevated today.

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