What Can I Learn From a Real Estate Elevated Event?

Wed Jun 12 2019

In April 2014, Tarek and Christina El Moussa developed Real Estate Elevated. The real estate education investment program was created to teach students the El Moussa’s successful investment methodologies and systems. Real Estate Elevated is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive training programs in North America and Canada, and it provides students with an unparalleled level of support, mentoring and coaching. Since the program began, over 75,000 students have successfully learned profitable real estate investing strategies.

If you’d like to learn how you can become a successful real estate investor, we recommend starting with our free 2.5 hour preview event. At this event you will see how you can:

• Gain insider access to private and preview real estate inventories.• Get financing for your real estate deals.
• Access government-guaranteed real estate programs.
• Use our cutting-edge strategies in your market.
• Find properties by bypassing the MLS and using nontraditional techniques.
• Get financing so you don’t have to use your own money to invest.
• Create cash flow and learn how you can make a profit by flipping, buying and holding and wholesaling.
• Discover what a wholesale deal is and learn how to find and complete your very own.

Students can gain valuable knowledge at Success Path real estate event. Attending one of these events is one of the best ways to become a successful flipper.

For those students who choose to continue you on with the Real Estate Elevated program, they are invited to attend our 3-Day Accelerator Workshop. This workshop is designed to teach people how to become professional, savvy and creative property investors. Other opportunities include:

The Investor’s Summit – A 3-day event that allows students to learn and acquire the knowledge they need to command their financial future. The Investor’s Summit is full of networking opportunities. Attendees have the opportunity to interact with investors from around the country, real estate experts and celebrities.

Inner Circle Camp – The Inner Circle Camp was designed to give students the opportunity to learn from the experts and up their investing game.
Personal Business Success – The Personal Business Success Program is known as the refining course of our students’ real estate investing careers. Students will learn how to develop their interpersonal skills, set priorities, develop self-discipline and take control of their life.

Students can gain valuable knowledge at Success Path real estate event. Attending one of these events is one of the best ways to become a successful flipper.

Real Estate Elevated gives students the opportunity to receive an incredible real estate investing education. But while Real Estate Elevated offers its students the very best education, it’s up to them to take their knowledge and put it into action.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Real Estate Elevated FAQ.

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