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Real Estate Elevated is a house flipping and real estate investing educational program. Our team will help you create your own successful system, modeled after some of the most sought after real estate experts in the world. Are you ready to take hold of your time and income?

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“I attended one of the events held locally. It was a very nice event and felt as if we didn’t walk away empty handed because the knowledge that we gained had our brains rushing with excitement for something we want so badly now we can taste. PLEASE come back but don’t forget to send us an invite again!! Thanks a bunch!!!” -Breesha Taylor

"Tarek & Christina are living proof that you can turn your life around with real estate investing. They went from boom to bust during the real estate slump and instead of sitting around feeling sorry for themselves they got out there and figured out how to make money in the recession. And now look at them – luxury cars, big mansions and their own TV show to boot. They achieved all this through real estate investing. Their training is the best I have attended – it’s thorough and their tools and materials are very comprehensive. Two thumbs up!” – Julie Minne

“So much to take in! We sure didn’t waste any time during our three day course. We learned everything from how to find the right property, how to finance, cost vs whether it’s a good deal (magic formula) and the A-Z of doing your first flip. Was well worth it!” – Kelly Alliger Keane